Gloves are a necessary accessory for mountain biking, as they provide security and comfort. Whether you are an inveterate ATV enthusiast or a beginner, the equipment is inevitable. It allows you to be safe and comfortable while riding.

For a ride and a cross-country

For a mountain bike ride, whether you are in town or in the country, it is more appropriate to wear light gloves, while opting for a model with an adequate coating. This glove provides better protection, especially against rain. It also offers comfort during riding and the course. If you want to do a cross-country, going to a place with a path with hard climbs and strong descents, it is advisable and recommended to take a glove very ventilated. For this activity, you should also make sure that the mountain bike glove is sweat-wicking, and moisture-absorbing. This will also wick away your sweat.

For an enduro and a free practice

Enduro is a cycling activity that consists mainly of riding a road that is usually downhill. If you want to do this, you need to take a well reinforced and longer glove. It will protect you if you fall, at high speed, or if there are tree branches in your way. Indeed, it admits a silicone on the thumb and index finger, which optimizes the speed and braking controls, in case of high speed. In the case of free practice, it is better to choose a very solid glove, with rigid shells on its joints and on its palm. This type of glove can help you resist chafing because of the perforations in its fabric.

For an all-mountain

If you want to get to the top of a mountain, and down the mountain, get a long glove that covers your entire hand. Make sure your glove also has reinforcements on the palm. These will help to filter out inflictions while riding and running, especially on mountain trails. Also, make sure that the same glove also has a membrane. The latter is responsible for wicking your sweat and protecting you from rain and wind, even the more unpredictable ones. Gloves that take into account aerodynamics are also recommended for this type of activity. However, specific gloves for all-mountain are available on the market. Given the difficulties and complexities of all-mountain riding, the advice of specialists and regulars is necessary. You should know that 10 to 20% of accidents during this activity are related to the non-conformity of the glove.

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