In recent years, connected watches have been in great demand by a growing number of sportsmen and women. They are the fruit of a passion for connected objects, which have a place in our daily lives, as well as for the increasingly applied outdoor sports disciplines. Suitable for many sports and very practical, Garmin watches personally accompany athletes during their sessions. Whether you are a novice or looking for metrics to optimize your exploits, they can be equipped with a customized virtual coach or powerful data suitable for all levels and interests.

Ergonomic and very practical watches

Every athlete is different and Garmin connected watches have been designed with this in mind. To accompany its customers on a daily basis, the Garmin brand offers quality products tailored to sports and outdoor activities. As a result, the watches are lighter, more discreet and can be worn very easily with a cardio belt or on the wrist. Once connected to your smartphone, the Garmin connected watch can immediately receive your calls and SMS without disrupting your sports practice. In addition, it can be configured very quickly and intuitively. Thus, you can easily switch from one operating mode to another, especially in a multiple discipline such as triathlon. A running model also has an impressive battery life and can even run for 15 to 20 hours. If you activate the "simple watch" mode, you can expect up to a month of battery life. All models are elegant and stylish and come in a variety of colors to match your outfit.

Customized watches to optimize sports performance

Knowing the specifics of your heart rate can satisfy your curiosity. In addition, it also allows you to track all of your athletic progress and tailor your workouts to optimize your weak points. Thanks to the Garmin Connect application, a Garmin cardio watch for men allows you to store several parameters recorded during a session. After several sports sessions, it is then feasible to create metrics and acquire an activity tracker that will inform you in detail about your performance. The "Rest Assistance" feature will recommend the recovery time needed for your sessions or a race. Of course, this is mainly based on the different heart rate variations. You also have the possibility to motivate yourself by doing challenges against yourself or against your former performances or by choosing goals to reach. With some models, you can also program a virtual opponent that you can follow on a bike course or during a run.

Several models available for more functions

What is very interesting about Garmin watches is that they offer a wide variety of functions. They provide you with a lot of information about your sports activities, which are crucial to your progress. Some models will inform you on the calories burned by the exercise or your heart rate, evaluated thanks to a cardiofréquencemètre. On the Internet, you can buy a Garmin watch equipped with a GPS chip that will inform you about the distance covered during a bike ride or a running session, about your location or about your altitude, your speed or the difference in altitude of a slope. You can also get a sports model that will even analyze your stride: their rhythm, height, length and intensity of the impact of the feet on the ground. Such data will allow you to better study your weak points in order to improve them. The watch will also be able to carry out a sleep study while imposing itself as a panel for analyzing and controlling your metabolism.

Models for all sports enthusiasts and for all budgets

Garmin watches are multi-sport and will accompany you in all your disciplines: cycling, running, basketball, soccer ... As the models are perfectly waterproof, they can also adapt to water activities (swimming, kayaking ...). They are also very popular with surfers, skiers and hiking enthusiasts. Not exclusively reserved for professionals, the brand's watches will also please beginners and Sunday runners. They methodically fulfill their role as training aids. On the official Garmin website and on the Internet, you can find models that meet your expectations in a wide range of prices. When you buy a Garmin women's watch or a Garmin men's watch, you are opting for quality and a brand that is recommended by the world's top athletes. By discovering this American brand and its many models, you can be seduced by the features and design of the connected devices. The majority of Garmin watches comply with the military and aeronautical standard MIL-STD-810G, which relates to the robustness of equipment for use in professional environments. That said, they have the great ability to withstand the worst conditions: freezing, thermal shock, explosive atmosphere, rail impact, gunfire, radiation ..., and this, for all budgets.

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