Nowadays, with the industrial revolution and globalization, we are witnessing an evolution of the means of transportation and therefore of travel. The Hoverboard also called electric skateboard appeared on the market in 2015, it is a device that allows a short and effortless movement with a top speed of up to 18km/h for the most successful. It is an economical means of transportation, because the use of fuel is not necessary, but only need to charge its battery. On what criteria is the choice based?

Battery autonomy

Since it is all battery-powered, it is necessary to choose a Hoverboard with a good autonomy and a long life span, that is to say a battery of a reputable brand that complies with CE standards. The autonomy of a battery varies according to the models. In general, it is on average 20km with a voltage of 36V for a use of 2h to 3h, but it can go up to 42V or more. A lithium ion type battery is qualified as powerful and having a longer life span. Choosing your hoverboard is therefore a matter of choosing one with a high-performance battery.

The chassis

The quality of the chassis is one of the criteria to take into account when choosing a hoverboard, because it is the chassis that carries the weight of the person on the device. A poor quality chassis breaks more easily in two in its center. To remove the doubt of breaking your hoverboard in full use, you must demand the material that makes up the chassis. The most robust and lightest at the same time, aluminum remains the most recommended choice. This type of chassis is made of aluminum and reinforced with steel. For replacement or optimization, the frame is easily disassembled and assembled. Composed of two structures (male and female), you can do it yourself. This type of chassis can support a load of up to 120 kg.

The size of the wheels

The choice of wheels is not left out, each of the five conventional sizes corresponds to the age groups. We distinguish the Hoverboard in 4,5 inches, reserved for the children from 2 to 6 years, weighing less than 20 kg. This category is less powerful and rather limited. The 6.5 inch category is for teens and beginners wishing to learn quickly and weighing in the 20 kg. It is usually made of thick rubber and is limited to areas with large, smooth, flat surfaces. Those with 8 and 8.5 inches are more suitable for adults, allowing to ride on irregular surfaces, in the city and on many varieties of terrain. These last two types allow for significant maneuverability and greater range and speed than those with 6.5 inches. The 10-inch type is characterized by its faster speed than the previous ones and its autonomy, an extra height, allowing them to ride on very irregular surfaces and equipped with pneumatic wheels with inner tubes.

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