Before choosing a plastic bottle to refresh yourself, you can use a water bottle instead. Very useful and practical for amateur or professional athletes. Nowadays, carrying a water bottle has become fashionable depending on the sport practiced. But one often wonders, how to know which is the best among so many varieties on the market.

Choice of the material

To be healthy and to protect the environment, it is recommended to use a bottle without plastic or aluminum. A sportsman should know how to choose his water bottle, it is part of his daily accessories. However, stainless steel water bottles are recommended, as they are made of solid, shock-resistant materials. They are ideal for storing both hot and cold drinks. However, plastic bottles are still the most visible and widely used on the market. Glass bottles are not recommended for sportsmen because of their fragility and their weight, which are not practical throughout the activity. Regardless of the material, these types of bottles can be reused in due time.

Adapting the volume to the sport activity

The second criterion for choosing a water bottle is its capacity. For a small sporting activity: morning jogging, muscle stretching for a few minutes in the middle of nature, it is not necessary to have a large water bottle with a volume of 1000 ml. The most common capacities vary between 400 and 500 ml, which are the most ideal. On the other hand, for a hike or a climb in the mountains, think of carrying a water bottle large enough to hydrate yourself sufficiently. Thus, water bottles allow you to carry all types of liquids, but there are certain types that retain heat if you are fond of hot drinks after a sporting activity.

The shape, the design according to your needs

The shape of your water bottle can be adapted according to the sport activity you practice. For a sport involving a lot of effort, it is advisable to use a bottle with a spout or a straw to drink easily during exercise. To feel more comfortable during use, opt for a bottle with a handle or a ring to hold it. Since a water bottle is an accessory for carrying liquid, check that it does not leak when it is spilled; make sure that your water bottle has a leak-proof cap or a protective silicone. How do you choose your water bottle when you practice sports at home? Just make sure it's stable and easy to place near you. To be more trendy, opt for water bottles with patterns or designs that you can personalize yourself.

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