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Manufacturers today offer several types of home fitness equipment, which makes the choice complex. With the confinement, the home training has become essential. Especially since they allow you to avoid leaving the house and paying a subscription to the gym. To reach your goals, but also to choose the best one, here is a selection of home gym equipment. Each one of them has specific advantages to contribute to weight loss and improve your health.

The rowing machine

This is an excellent piece of equipment that allows you to work both the lower body (gluteal muscles, quadriceps, calves, etc.) and the upper body (biceps, shoulders, lumbar, etc.). It also helps increase cardiovascular performance and physical endurance. You can burn up to 400 calories in just 30 with this fitness equipment. But to get such results, you need to have the right technique. Your shoulders should be slightly forward of your pelvis and at the vertical axis of your hips. Keep your abs and back tight during the exercise and never fully extend your legs to maximize results.

Don’t forget to pull in your stomach while blowing as if to bring your belly button closer to your spine. It is a complete machine that allows you to lose weight, strengthen your muscles and improve your cardiovascular capacities. A rowing machine is an ideal home fitness equipment for overweight people or those who resume sports after a long break. It is easy to use and promises results in just a few weeks. However, you must be regular. Don’t forget to stretch after each session to prevent soreness, especially at the beginning of your program.

What is an air bike?

The air bike is an air resistance machine that is similar to a conventional exercise bike. The difference is that it has two handlebars that are higher than the seat and a large fan that serves as the front wheel. This type of exercise bike with air resistance forces the user to expend more energy through the movement of the arms on the handles and the legs on the pedals to make the fan work. You will stimulate your legs, but also your abdominal muscles and quadriceps.

This type of home fitness equipment does not need resistance settings. The more you use it, the more the opposition will increase. You can adjust the intensity of your workout through the strength of your movements. The harder you pedal, the more energy you expend. You then work your whole body and optimize your cardio. It is recommended to alternate sets of 10 seconds followed by a 50 second break for 10 minutes to get the best results. You will be able to increase your stamina as you go along to increase your performance.


The stepper is one of the most effective and complete pieces of home fitness equipment. This home gym equipment simulates climbing stairs, but without ever reaching the end. It is like a treadmill with which you can easily climb the equivalent of 10 or 20 floors in 30 minutes. It stimulates the lower body (glutes, abductors, adductors, calves, etc.) and contributes to endurance. If you have never tried this machine, it is recommended that you seek advice from the store or a training professional to set up a personalized program. You can also follow online tutorials.

The stepper burns more calories because your feet are always moving. It’s a great fitness machine for toning thighs, calves and, to a lesser extent, glutes. There are miniature versions, but with which the feet always remain stuck to the step during the session. Do not hesitate to try a model to test the functioning of a stepper, but especially to determine if it is suitable for your objectives. It works your legs and calves.

The treadmill

This is the ultimate home fitness machine. Brisk walking and running are perfect exercises to boost your metabolism and lose weight. With a home treadmill, you don’t have to worry about the weather to get your workout in. All you have to do is take your machine outside. You also won’t have to go to the gym and pay for a membership or a session. You can set it up anywhere, whether it’s your bedroom or your living room. You can also watch TV while you work out to boost your motivation.

The fitness treadmill allows you to burn a maximum of calories in a short period of time. Choose a 30-minute session at medium speed to boost your cardiovascular capacity and burn fat. To intensify your program, you can tilt the treadmill. This will give you more resistance and allow you to build muscle in depth. The speed is also adjustable according to your needs and goals. If you are regular, you will get satisfactory results in just a few weeks with the treadmill.


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