Faced with the indescribable choice of bras available on the women's sportswear market, you really don't know which model to choose? Whatever sport you want to practice, there is bound to be one that will perfectly fit your body and your activity! For women who want to take care of their breasts without neglecting their sports sessions, discover here all the elements to take into account to choose the right one.

Protecting your breasts effectively during a sports session is a necessity!

Do not underestimate the effect of sport on the breasts! Sports bras for women must above all be perfectly adapted to your measurements. Neither too big nor too tight for optimal protection of your breasts, it is therefore essential to define your bra size. This will also ensure the greatest comfort during your sports session.

Take into account the type of sport you practice

Not all sports involve the same body movement, so certain elements should be chosen according to your future activity! For example, choreography will require a reinforced support with an elastic band under the breasts, but without whalebones so as not to hinder the movement. While for activities that are more shocking for the chest, such as running, it will be essential to take a model that is 100% adjustable to maintain the breasts as much as possible, as well as a perfectly breathable fabric!

Define your bra size!

Take your measurements No need to feel embarrassed, because more than half of French women do not know their ideal bra size! This phenomenon is reinforced by certain brands with poorly cut clothes, which can fit large or small. So take the appropriate measurements to know your measurements. To do this, simply take a measuring tape: Measure your chest size by placing the tape measure horizontally on your back and bringing it back to your breasts. Never crush your chest with the tape, this could of course distort the results! Measure the circumference of your back by proceeding as before, except that this time the circumference concerns the area directly under your chest.

Finally calculate your bra size

A bra size is composed of a letter and a number. While the number corresponds to the back circumference, the cup size will correspond to the difference between the chest and back circumference. For example, if your back circumference is 69 centimeters, your cup size will be 85. If your chest size is 100 centimeters, the difference is 15 centimeters, or a B cup! Don't panic, to find out your bra size, simply transfer your measurements and calculations to the size charts generally provided by the brands! Choosing your sports bra according to its type of adjustment Some sports can give shocks and thus harm the elasticity of your skin, such as a gluteal activity that seems harmless for your breasts!

Elastic models

Elastic models are all the rage, especially those made of a single piece of elastane fabric and without seams. Often available at a moderate or high price, they will perfectly maintain the breasts, at least at the beginning! Indeed, elastane will eventually relax under the effect of hot water and wear. This element is therefore to be banished from your wardrobe if you regularly practice sports. Finally, elastane increases perspiration and the wet feeling on your clothes.

Adjustable models

This type of bra may be less aesthetically pleasing, but it is much more suitable for a fitness program or more generally for women who practice a significant and regular sport activity. The adjustable models work like a classic bra, with several notches to tighten or loosen in the back, as well as adjustable straps to more or less flatten your breasts.

And finally, do not neglect the style!

Once the elements of comfort and protection of the chest are taken into account, the style remains to be defined. In other words, the best part of the selection process for women's sportswear!

A model adapted to a sober outfit

A sports bra worn under a sober garment, should be chosen mainly according to its color. If you like to practice sports in all discretion, a flesh color model will be perfectly adapted! On the other hand, if you want to make it a fashion element to break the sadness of your black jogging, there are fabulous colored or fancy models!

A completely customized model

If the sports top is rather low cut like a tank top, you can sublimate your body thanks to a beautiful sports bra model. While some of them are laced up in the back, others can have various patterns or colors more or less adapted to your personality and your complexion.

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